nib Choice Network

Watervale Dental is a nib First Choice provider which means you’ll get fantastically competitive treatment fees and low out-of-pocket expenses.

All of nib’s usual fund rules, benefits and claiming requirements apply to the customer with the following health fund:

  • APIA Health Insurance
  • Qantas Health Insurance
  • Suncorp Health Insurance
  • AAMI Health Insurance
  • IMAN Australian Health plans
  • GU Health
  • ING Health Insurance
  • Priceline Health Insurance
  • Real Insurance
  • Australian Seniors
  • United Healthcare Global

Medibank Private

Watervale Dental is one of Medibank Choice Advantage dentists.

Members’ Choice Advantage dentists are a select group of Members’ Choice dentists where members get additional rebates. Please contact Medibank Private Health fund to find more details on the benefits offered for your cover by Members’ Choice Advantage dentists.