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Accredited Provider

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Watervale Dental - An Accredited Dental Practice

An Accredited Dental PracticeThe accreditation has been awarded by QIP, an Australian Dental Association’s authorised accreditation body. Accreditation requires assessment of policies, procedures and quality on an ongoing basis.

Why Choose an Accredited Dental Practice

Being an accredited practice means that Watervale Dental values its patients, has policies/practices in place to ensure the treatment quality, safety, privacy and customer satisfaction. Award of accreditation to Watervale Dental demonstrates that Watervale Dental meets the requirements the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards for Dental Health Care. Watervale Dental’s commitment to quality and patient support has been commended by QIP.

Advantages of choosing an accredited practice for dental treatment:

Reduced Risk

Enhanced Quality

Compliant Procedures and Industry Best Practice

Competent staff and dentists